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Sago Palm and Lily toxicity in Pets

It is spring, that time of year when the weather is beautiful, the flowers are blooming, and we find ourselves and our beloved pets wanting to enjoy the outdoors. Many pet owners do not know the dangers of some of the plants that our pets are exposed to, even in our own yards. There are […]

My Pet’s Easter Basket

Easter Time Again….  Hopefully you can remember the Do NOT’s for your pet – No Chocolate, No Easter Grass, No Lilies, No Foil Wrappers, No Eggs (Plastic or Real) and No left overs.  That is No Fun.  ☹ I thought we could focus on the DO’s for your pet.  What can you put in your […]

What Pets Really Need at the Vet

I am often asked during examinations to “give only what my pet really needs.” The response depends on your pet’s health, what it does, and where it goes. It is important for pet owners and pet health care providers to maintain a pet’s personal health plan, not just a pet’s vaccinations. The most important thing […]

Thanksgiving No No’s

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season where we might be tempted to feed our 4 legged friends scraps from the table. There are many pitfalls possible with this scenario. Our family pets may be very sensitive to the fats and greases present in our food which can cause pancreatitis (an inflammation of the […]

Daily Dose of Prevention

Pets depend on us entirely for love, affection, shelter and all of their basic needs. In return, they give many health benefits; companionship, unconditional love and affection. Don’t we owe them the best we can offer? What is the ONE THING you can do every single day to help your pet stay healthy and prevent […]

Microchipping Your Pet: Is It Worth It?

Most of us consider ourselves to be responsible owners, and the idea of one’s pet ending up in a shelter at any point may seem far-fetched. In reality, however, it’s a lot more commonplace than you might expect. Most dogs and cats that enter shelters get there because someone assumed they were stray animals. All […]

Tricks and Treatments

Halloween can be very traumatic for pets. Many escape out the door or become territorial when presented with the scary costumes and masks that we see as fun. It’s best to keep pets safely away from open doors and confined to another room or crate. Microchipping is always a great idea in case your pet […]

Heartworm Disease!

Heartworms are parasites that are of concern for both dogs and cats. Dogs and cats acquire heartworms through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes pick up larval heartworms from infected dogs and transmit them to other dogs and cats. Adult heartworms live in the heart and pulmonary arteries. It takes 5-7 months after larvae are deposited in the […]

Otitis / Ear Concerns in Pets

Ear infections are always a serious condition. The causes vary and treatment is very specific based on external appearance and microscopic discoveries. Whereas common, EAR INFECTIONS ARE ALWAYS A SERIOUS CONDITION. Dogs and cats commonly get ear infections. They are often quite painful and can affect appetite and balance, as well as cause nausea. Unlike […]

Cats and Illness

My cat looks fine… but is he? Cats are well known for their independent nature; however this self-sufficient attitude is also why cats hide their problems from those around them. This behavior will often result in one of the biggest challenges that cat owners have, which is “knowing when to visit their veterinarian.” Unlike our […]

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